Black Creek Mountain Community Association
Commonly Asked Questions and Answers
When is my Homeowners Association for Black Creek Mountain billed and when is it due?
Each resident is billed December 25, March 25, June 25, and September 25.
Due dates are as follows: January 31, April 30, July 31 and October 31.

I received a form from Tennessee American Water to have Backflow Testing completed.  Who provides the service?
Residents in need backflow testing performed on their property by Certified Backflow Testing Co. can drop off their forms at the administration offices at the clubhouse.  A check for $45 made out to Certified Backflow Testing should accompany the testing forms from Tennessee American Water for the testing can be completed.
Do I need to have the Community Association approve exterior additions or changes to my home? 
Yes, according to the Community Covenants and Restrictions an Architectural Review Committee has to approve exterior additions or changes to signal family homes.  Please request and complete an Activity Permit from the administration offices or click here to download.  All plans involving architects and contractors on exteriors must be submitted to the Architectural Review Committee for review and approval of the scope of work.  Please allow 2 weeks from the date the Activity Permit is submitted for review and approval. 
Examples of ARC review:
  • Pool, fence, drainage, or irrigation system installations.
  • Structural additions such as patios, screened in porches, gazebos, pavilions, porches, garage extensions, etc.
  • Large scale landscape removal or additions especially involving trees larger than 3 inches in diameter.
  • Changes in paint colors or exterior materials.
How do I order a customized yard sign for a home I am listing for sale or for rent? 
Please contact Leanne Strickland at or stop by the administration office at the Clubhouse to place an order.  You can download a For Sale Sign Order Form by clicking here.  Please make one check for $50 payable to Sign Revolution for the sign and one check for $65 to Black Creek HOA for the post rental, installation, removal, and storage.   The sign will be picked up from the sign store and installed with wooden post within two weeks of ordering and payment.  A temporary sign can be placed at the listing while the custom sign is being made.  After the listing is sold/rented, please notify the administration office so the post and sign can be placed in storage for future listings.

Question: Do you own a private golf cart?
Private golf carts are NOT permitted on the golf course and only street legal golf carts are allowed on the community streets. If you are driving a private golf cart that is not street legal, or the driver is under the age of 16, you are subject to receive a ticket or fine from the Chattanooga Police Department since the community streets are within City limits. 
We have received MANY reports of young drivers in golf carts driving recklessly within the community. While the streets are City streets and we have no jurisdiction or enforcement authority, we implore all of our residents to consider the dangers of driving a golf cart through our community, and ensure that they and their children are obeying the law, and looking out for their safety.
REQUIREMENT: All private golf cart owners are required to complete a waiver for Black Creek Club and Black Creek Mountain HOA liability purposes. By completing, owners will receive a decal sticker to display on their golf cart that authorizes them to drive around the community.
Please CLICK HERE to download the waiver and please return the signed copy to Leanne Strickland, to receive your decal. We are concerned of everyone's safety in Black Creek Mountain. Please help your neighbors and report any reckless activity to our staff.